Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kal Penn joins White House staff!

This makes up for the Jon Favreau disappointment

I actually thought the guy from "Swingers" was going to be a White House speech writer. Oops.

Kal Penn is awesome. I love that the star of "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" is a vegetarian! (Michelle better watch out; he's going to be raiding her organic garden for all the freshest fruits & veggies.)


Save the Hawaiian monk seals!

That's exactly what Hawai`i's Congressional delegation is trying to do, as I recently reported:

Earmarks are good for Hawaiian monk seals (and other living things)

This morning's Honolulu Advertiser advances the story:

Congress allocates $5.7 million to help save Hawaiian monk seals; Federal funds will also provide jobs for ocean scientists

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Something Tina Fey & Sarah Palin agree on

They both have disdain for vegans.

I was sort of enjoying Tina Fey's movie "Baby Mama" on HBO - until the gratuitous (and unfunny) scene in which she went out of her way to attack vegans.


Luckily, I switched to CNN right at the time President Obama's speech in Prague began. While he's not a vegan, he doesn't mock vegans, and he and his wife are seeking more progressive food policies.

Tweet of the Day - vegans of the South Pacific

@ebonyofessence Guam Vegan: Healthy Hearts April Specials http://bit.ly/FjXJf

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tweet of the Day - Enjoying being vegan in Cardiff (U.K., not Calif.)

@carlawaslike "anything that's not changing is dead" -my girl lauryn. transitioning to vegan & natural.. feels good. in cardiff for the day! : )

Upcoming report on Pa`ia, Maui . . .

I'll be posting a mini-guide to the great little town of Pa`ia within the next week or two. Please send me your tips or other comments by this weekend if there's anything special you want me to cover. Mahalo.

Tweet of the Day for April 1 - a little late because of first fever in months

@iloomis @raatz Feel better! Hope someone makes you some non-chicken soup, or whatever heals the ailing vegan!