Sunday, June 19, 2011

For the visting (or local) vegan: Where to volunteer (or donate money) on Maui

East Maui Animal Refuge 

Hawaiian Islands Land Trust

Leilani Farm Sanctuary

9th Life

Feline Foundation of Maui

Haku Baldwin Center

Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary

For the visiting vegan: Where to eat on Maui

Ono Gelato (multiple locations)

Fresh local fruit makes for vibrant vegan gelato.

Whole Foods Market (Kahului)

The Wednesday salad bar ($5.99/lb. instead of $7.99) is a must.

Fresh Mint (Pa`ia)

Our only all-vegan restaurant (primarily Vietnamese) is open 5-9 p.m.

Veg Out (Ha`iku)

The setting is ultra-casual; the food is ultra-tasty.

Hawaiian Moons (Kihei)

They have the cheapest brown rice on the island and usually have great chili or soup to go with it.

Alive & Well (Kahului)

This place also has great soup, plus some decadent desserts.

Maui Tacos (multiple locations)

Come for the famous salsa bar; return for the cheap prices.

Mana Foods (Pa`ia)

Maui's best grocery store also has a great deli and dessert case.

Cafe Des Amis (Pa`ia)

The veggy curry wrap comes with mango chutney.

Cafe Mambo (Pa`ia)

They have the best selection of vegan appetizers and small dishes of any sitdown restaurant

Stella Blues (Kihei)

This is one of the few places that offers a hearty vegan breakfast.

Maui Coffee Roasters (Kahului)

If you're into almond-milk lattes and whole-wheat bagels, this is your place.

Down to Earth (Kahului)

The prices have gone up a lot over the years, but there's no doubt this all-vegetarian place has a good deli and salad bar.

Mala (Wailea)

This high-end place offers great ocean views, occasional celebrity sightings, and multiple vegan entrees.

Simply Healthy Cafe (Wailuku)

Open for weekday lunch only, this place offers the best vegan bargains on the planet, including a veggie plate lunch with sweet potatoes, taro, brown rice, and a salad for $5.50.