Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

20-year HIV survivor credits vegan diet

I don't recommend the medical decisions made by State Rep. Joe Bertram, but they seem to work for him:

Bertram is . . . opposed to pharmaceuticals. He refuses to take medicines designed to boost his weakened immune system. Instead, he eats a vegan diet and hopes for the best because he says the drugs are worse than the disease.

Incidentally, Bertram introduced resolutions this year to support vegan and vegetarian entrees in public schools.

Celebratory dinner for organic farm serves meat; controversy ensues

Dr. Joel Fischer was horrified to learn that a celebratory dinner for an organic farm featured meat. The Star-Bulletin published his op-ed on the situation earlier this week:

"We are judged by how we treat our anmials"

I posted links to the piece on two of my favorite blogs, and interesting discussion threads followed:

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