Saturday, November 12, 2011

What happened to Mocha Java Cafe?

Friends used to chide me for going to Honolulu's Mocha Java Cafe whenever I got the chance. It's overpriced and has spotty service, they'd say. But it's recognized as one of the most vegan-friendly places in O'ahu, I'd counter. They even have a special vegan menu! Alas, I think I'm now done with the place. The vegan menu has been nowhere to be seen in my last couple of visits. To make matters worse (much worse), I was served an obviously non-vegan dish after being assured it was vegan. I don't know why tofu scramble - an obvious selection for people who don't want eggs or meat (i.e., likely vegans) - would be made with cheese. But it is at this place. It's probably time for the Vegetarian Society of Hawai'i to stop touting Mocha Java as a vegan's haven. Next time I'm in the area I'll probably eat at Kaka'ako Kitchen.

Friday, November 11, 2011

I love The Loving Hut

On a recent visit to Honolulu, I ate at a Loving Hut restaurant for the first time. What a joy to know that everything on the menu is vegan! No need to ask questions or give special instructions. The food was tasty, prices reasonable, and service fast and friendly. I'll be back.