Saturday, November 12, 2011

What happened to Mocha Java Cafe?

Friends used to chide me for going to Honolulu's Mocha Java Cafe whenever I got the chance. It's overpriced and has spotty service, they'd say. But it's recognized as one of the most vegan-friendly places in O'ahu, I'd counter. They even have a special vegan menu! Alas, I think I'm now done with the place. The vegan menu has been nowhere to be seen in my last couple of visits. To make matters worse (much worse), I was served an obviously non-vegan dish after being assured it was vegan. I don't know why tofu scramble - an obvious selection for people who don't want eggs or meat (i.e., likely vegans) - would be made with cheese. But it is at this place. It's probably time for the Vegetarian Society of Hawai'i to stop touting Mocha Java as a vegan's haven. Next time I'm in the area I'll probably eat at Kaka'ako Kitchen.

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